Trudeau says the war in Ukraine shows the urgency for Canada to move toward “lower carbon emissions”, will unveil a new climate plan

On Monday, March 28, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the Russia-Ukraine conflict shows the urgency for Canada to move toward “the transformation of our energy mix towards lower carbon emissions in our energies in the coming years,”.

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During the press conference, Justin Trudeau also said that the Liberals will be releasing their updated climate plan on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

Trudeau’s comments came after recent discussions in the country about the need for Canada to continue to develop its immense natural resources.

In recent polling from Leger, 78% say they support “Canada developing and exporting more oil and natural gas resources so that the world can reduce how much” they purchase from Russia.

The strongest support in Canada for developing and exporting more Canadian oil and gas comes from Alberta at 85% in support, however, support for the increase in oil and gas development is seen across Canada at a total of 78% of Canadians in support.

Currently, Europe receives approximately 40% of its gas and 25% of its oil from Russia. 

Canada was set to develop a liquified natural gas project that would have carried natural gas from Western Canada to Eastern Canada to be exported to Europe and Asia. 

However, on July 21, 2021, the Quebec government refused to approve the construction of a liquified natural gas (LNG) facility in Saguenay, Quebec.

Quebec Minister Benoit Charette killed the project because the CAQ government did not believe the project would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and that the project would discourage European and Asian countries from investing in and moving to ‘cleaner’ energy sources.

“The promoter has not succeeded in demonstrating this. This is a project that has more disadvantages than advantages,” Minister Charette said in July 2021.

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