Trudeau’s Heritage Minister supports Australian social media censorship

Steven Guilbeault has said many times he would like to further regulate Canadian media, an attempt to censor small, independent alternative media. He now says he fully “stands” with Australia's new restrictive social media censorship regulation.

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Steven Guilbeault, MP for Laurier—Sainte-Marie and Justin Trudeau’s Heritage Minister, tweeted on Wednesday in solidarity with the Australian government over their recent actions to force social media companies to pay news organizations for the content that is shared by its users on their platforms. 

Guilbeault wrote on Twitter, “We remain committed to ensuring a comprehensive, more equitable digital regulatory framework here in Canada. That includes making sure that Canadian news organizations continue to inform and empower our communities.” 

Continuing on in the thread saying, “As for Facebook’s action, the Canadian government stands with our Australian partners and denounces any form of threats.” 

In response to the Australian government’s proposed legislation, Facebook said it would be blocking the news sharing feature in Australia exclusively.

True North reported that Canadian media companies have in the past lobbied the Canadian government to look into increasing the regulations in the industry as well.

Representatives from these organizations have asked for the government to change copyright laws in order to prevent other smaller organizations from reporting on the same story and from aggregating news coverage on alternative platforms, which may include social media platforms like the legislation being proposed in Australia.

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