Two Windsor police officers hit with misconduct charges over allegedly donating to the Freedom Trucker Convoy

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the Windsor Police Service announced that two police officers had been charged under the Ontario Police Services Act for allegedly donating to the Freedom Trucker Convoy.

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The Freedom Trucker Convoy from earlier this year converged onto Ottawa in hopes of showing the federal government that it was time to remove vaccine mandates and border restrictions.

The convoy first began in British Columbia making its way across the country with thousands of supporters cheering as it passed bytowns across Canada.

Thousands of Canadians greeted protesting truckers day and night throughout the country.

On Tuesday, September 20, the Windsor, Ontario police service said that two of its officers would be facing disciplinary charges under the Ontario Police Services Act for giving small donations to the protest organizers.

The Windsor Police Service spokesperson said “We hold our members to the highest standards of conduct,” regarding Brooke Fazekas and Jason Michael Brisco’s conduct.

In an email to CBC News, Brisco told the outlet that he had made a $50 donation on February 8.

In his email, he said: “The donation was made to protest vaccine mandates, which personally affected me and my family. I empathized with the protesters in Ottawa, who also lost their jobs and their ability to support their family,”.

Adding that at the time of the donation he had been laid off without pay or benefits. 

Brooke Fazekas also appeared to have donated $40 to the movement, but it was not verified. 

Frank Providenti, deputy chief of operational support for Windsor police said of the donations that “We hold our members to the highest standards of conduct and those who fail to maintain those principles must be held accountable for their behaviour,”.

Adding, “By choosing to support an illegal blockade at our country’s busiest border crossing, these members demonstrated a complete disregard for our city’s economy and reputation as well as for the safety of their own colleagues who were dealing with the volatile situation.”

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