U.S. eases oil sanctions on Venezuela after banning Russian oil imports

The U.S. government has eased sanctions on Venezuela to allow the dictatorship to import oil in the country.

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Months after imposing a ban on imports of Russian oil, and amidst talks by Western countries to impose a price cap on Russian crude, the U.S. has eased sanctions on Venezuela to allow Maduro’s dictatorship to export crude oil to the United States. 

Washington will allow Chevron to pump crude oil in Venezuela and export it to the United States for the next six months. 

“They are going to need billions and A LOT more time to squeeze any oil out of existing infrastructure”, one energy industry CEO wrote on Twitter. 

Users online also pointed out the apparent contradiction in banning oil imports from one authoritarian country, only to lift allow imports from another dictatorship such as Venezuela with a heavy record of human rights abuse. 

The sanctions lift does not allow Chevron to export Venezuelian oil to any country other than the U.S. 

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