UCP Leadership Candidate calls to boycott SNC-Lavalin through “Autonomy for Albertans Act”

On June 29, 2022, UCP Leadership Candidate Brian Jean called for the government of Alberta to boycott SNC-Lavalin with an “Autonomy for Albertans Act” to get back at Quebec for “killing gas exploration licences for Alberta energy companies”.

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The infographic was posted to Brian Jean’s Twitter account that says that with the “Autonomy for Albertans Act”, “Quebec is killing gas exploration licences for Alberta energy companies doing business in Quebec without compensation.”

Adding that “Two can play that game: No Alberta government money for any project hiring SNC-Lavalin!”

Brian Jean said “Quebec is unfair to Alberta companies. We do the same to the Quebec companies that have a special relationship with Trudeau and the Quebec government.”

SNC-Lavalin Group is an engineering and construction company based in Montreal, Quebec working in several key critical industries and builds public and private infrastructure.

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