University of Notre Dame to require ‘bivalent’ covid booster to enroll in classes

The University of Notre Dame will require that all students enrolling in classes next year receive a shot of the ‘bivalent’ COVID-19 booster.

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Despite the end of the pandemic around the world and the unanimous lifting of COVID restrictions, the University of Notre Dame will require all students enrolling in classes for the 2023-24 academic year to be boosted with the ‘bivalent’ COVID-19 vaccine.

Pharmaceuticals claim the ‘bivalent’ vaccine is more effective against Omicron, a much milder variant of COVID-19 which does not represent a danger to most healthy individuals. 

“Bivalent booster vaccines provide an additional layer of protection against COVID-19 and, unlike previous monovalent boosters which were designed only to protect against the original virus that causes COVID-19, the updated bivalent booster vaccine protects against both the original virus that causes COVID-19 and the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 variants,” director of University Health Services (UHS) Edward Junkins wrote in an email on Monday. 

“The fact that it’s a Catholic school makes this absurd requirement even worse, I say this as a Catholic….”, Christina Pushaw, Rapid Response Director for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wrote on Twitter. 

“These are supposed to be institutions of higher learning, but they are teaching people that they simply arrogate the right to be totally arbitrary and make policies that lack any basis in fact, and any accountability”, one user wrote. 

“Apparently Notre Dame is unaware that Catholic teaching (along with several hundred years of medical ethics thinking) is on the side of free and informed (not coerced) consent, protecting the individual’s right to determine therapeutic proportionality”, another user wrote.

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