University of Ottawa is mandating vaccines for anyone on campus, even visitors

The University of Ottawa announced that the university will be mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for the majority of students, staff and faculty, and anyone visiting the campus.

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The university says that as of September 7, people will be required to have at least one dose. By October 15, people on campus will be required to have had their second dose. 

In the University of Ottawa’s statement, it says the policy is in response to “the ongoing risks posed by COVID-19 and its dangerous variants,”

“At uOttawa, we believe the health of our community comes first, and this is a responsibility for all of us to share.”

The University of Ottawa argues that “Requiring mandatory vaccination will help in keeping our community safe and contribute to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and its variants.”

The University of Ottawa says that those who cannot be vaccinated based on medical or “other grounds recognized by the Ontario Human Rights Code” can request an accommodation from the university.

For those who receive an exemption, they “will have to follow additional strict health protocols such as: frequent testing, wearing masks and other PPE, if necessary, as well as other possible measures to be announced at a later date.”

The university says that the decision was made by “the University of Ottawa’s Executive Committee of the Board of Governors on the recommendation of uOttawa’s academic and administrative leadership, in alignment with the latest guidelines from Ottawa Public Health authorities.”

In the FAQ section, the university says that “At the dawn of a fourth wave, it is even more important to have everybody vaccinated so that we can enhance our collective immunization against COVID-19 and the variants that are emerging.”

Adding, “New variants and the lower vaccination rates in the age group of 18-39, compel us to act in the interest of health and safety for all.”

The university, however, says that they had “no outbreaks on campus so far, “ but that “we must make sure, for our collective safety, that we have as few as possible in the future.”

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