University of Ottawa Professor writes tirade against Americans after being ratioed on Twitter over targeting an unmasked flight attendant

On June 18, 2022, Amir Attaran, Professor in the Faculties of Law and School of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Ottawa targeted a United Airlines flight attendant for not wearing a mask on a flight from Canada to the United States.

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After targeting the flight attendant, as of June 21st, the Tweet has more than 15,400 replies and nearly 3,000 Quote Tweets.

Attaran in the Tweet argued that the flight attendant broke the law, but once he received backlash for targeting the flight attendant, Attaran turned his sights on Americans and began using profanities due to the differences between airline flight mask rules in Canada and the United States. 

Once he reached his destination in the United States, he began saying that the airline company “should be forbidden flying to Canada—immediately.”

Once he did not receive the response he wanted from users, he began using profanities.

He then started calling people “Republican Reptiles” then discussing gun laws and claiming “Yankees murder their own”. 

On the same day, Attaran posted a picture of himself wearing a P100 mask

In the past, Amir Attaran was suspended by Twitter for allegedly calling for Justin Trudeau to be tarred and feathered on the platform.

In November 2021, Amir Attaran went on a tirade on Twitter about the vaccine rollout in Canada for children and wrote “Trudeau should be tarred and feathered for putting child lives in danger,”.

Attaran has also set his targets on Elon Musk and his “fanboys” due to his COVID commentary.

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