“Unnecessary”, “tone-deaf”: Trudeau government expected to declare snap election for September 20th

The Trudeau government is expected to announce a snap election this Sunday.

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The Trudeau government is expected to announce a snap election this Sunday, requiring Canadians to cast their vote on September 20th. 

Justin Trudeau is currently the head of a minority government and is forced to work with other parties. The Bloc Québécois (Quebec’s nationalist left-wing party) and the New Democratic Party (the country’s left-wing socialist party) both hold strong leverage. 

The Liberal government would like to get a majority government to avoid working with opposition parties. 

Throughout the pandemic, the Trudeau Liberal government raked up an unprecedented amount of public debt. The deficit for the most recent fiscal year could surpass $400 billion. 

The Trudeau government was largely blamed for its slow vaccine rollout which meant Canada had to remain under lockdown for many months longer than the United States.

Trudeau’s short minority term was marked by numerous ethical debacles such as the WE Charity scandal.  

Experts and voters also question the idea of calling an election as COVID cases are surging across the country. 

Recent polls suggest that the Conservative Party of Canada, the Liberal’s main rival, is lagging behind.

Leader Erin O’Toole was criticized for not speaking out against many provinces’ abusive restrictions throughout the pandemic. 

The Conservatives are also under fire for recently removing a candidate for saying he believed taking the COVID-19 vaccine is a personal choice. 

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