Vaccine passports spread to U.S. suburbs

After the City of Chicago announced a mandatory vaccine pass, Cook County says they will also follow Chicago and impose a COVID-19 vaccine passport mandate.


On Thursday, December 23, 2021, Cook County officials announced that the county would implement a mandatory vaccine pass like the City of Chicago did just days prior. 

The order will apply to patrons over the age of 5-years-old for restaurants, bars, gyms, and other indoor businesses.

The mandate for suburban Cook County will take effect the same day as Chicago, January 3, 2022.

The indoor establishments that will be required to ask for proof of vaccination status also include gyms and anywhere else food and drink are served, according to a copy of the COVID-19 order from the Cook County Department of Public Health, the Chicago Tribune reports

The vaccine pass order will not apply to takeout orders and does not include churches, schools, office buildings or soup kitchens.

Under the county order, employees of businesses that will require vaccine passes will be exempt from the mandate if they test negative for COVID-19 weekly.

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