Vaccine rollout under Trudeau a complete disaster: Canada is twenty times behind Israel

As most countries are rolling out their vaccination plan, it appears that Canada is falling largely behind with only 1.84% of its population vaccinated against 35.35% for Israel.

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In percentage terms, Israel is leading the way thanks to its smaller population. In absolute numbers, the United States is leading with over 16 million doses administered, a smaller drop in their large population of nearly 330 million.

In comparison with the 16 million doses administered in the United States, Canada has only administered about 696,000 doses, nearly twenty-three times less than its southern neighbor.

The United Kingdom had administered as of January 19th over 5 million doses, Italy 1.25 million, nearly double that of Canada.

So what exactly has Canada done wrong?

It is of no surprise that the vaccine has become key to reopening the economy. Once the vaccination rate reaches a critical point for herd immunity; the public health agencies of Canada will deem it safe to reopen again.

With approximately 60% of individuals vaccinated, herd immunity could be achieved around July 2021 according to some estimates.  

It is in Canada’s best interest to reach this critical point as early as possible. Provinces like Quebec have been shut for over four months now after only reopening for a few months in the summer. It has effectively been a year of shutdown that has deeply hurt the local economy.

Justin Trudeau concentrated his efforts on the Pfizer vaccine, but the company has had recent problems with its shipping and production, forcing Pfizer to reduce their delivery of the vaccine and to cancel altogether any deliveries for the week of January 25th.

The United States has accelerated its vaccination campaign last week, mobilizing football stadiums, ballparks, and convention centers to administer doses to a large range of people. Numerous states offer 24-7 vaccination.

Similarly, Israel mobilized large arenas, stadiums, and drive-in locations to administer their vaccine rapidly and effectively.

Justin Trudeau has done very little to mobilize resources in a way that other countries have. The federal government under his leadership did not make substantial efforts to develop a Canadian vaccine or to prepare a manufacturing apparatus that could deliver the vaccine more rapidly in Canada.

The price that will be paid for Justin Trudeau’s inaction will be yet more time in lockdown, deeper devastation of Canadian small businesses and more time until Canadians can go back to a somewhat normal life.

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