Walmart calls Sen. Hawley a ‘sore loser’, Hawley bites back calling out Walmart slave labour and low-wages

On Wednesday, December 30, Senator Hawley announced that he will object to the January 6th electoral college tally in congress as congressional Democrats have during the 2004 and 2016 elections. In a now-deleted tweet, Walmart responded to the Missouri Senator statement calling him a ‘sore loser’.

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The Missouri Senator quickly responded to the Walmart Twitter account after the company tweeted he was a sore loser because he announced he would object to the January 6th electoral college tally in congress.

Hawley called out the company for its use of slave labour, the “pathetic wages” they pay their workers, and for driving “mom and pop stores out of business”. 

Walmart quickly deleted the original Tweet and responded saying that the original tweet calling the sitting Senator a ‘sore loser’ was “mistakenly posted” by a member of their social media team and apologizing “for this error and any confusion”. 

The company, however, did not respond to the comments regarding slave labour, low wages or driving mom and pop stores out of business. 

After the original Walmart tweet, internet users flooded Twitter calling for the boycott of the company. 

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