WATCH: Hurrican Ian is underway across Florida with flash flooding

Video out from all across Florida showing Hurricane Ian underway in the state.

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 4.19.32 PM

In one video posted to Twitter from Naples, Florida, a firetruck is shown submerged underwater as the area experiences flash flooding from the storm.

The crews remove gear from the emergency vehicles as the water continues to rise. 

In a tweet, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says that they have “leets of highwater vehicles, 42,000 linemen, 7,000 National Guardsmen and 179 aircraft prepared to help.” as the hurricane makes landfall in the state.

Video online shows the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore reporting right in the middle of the storm.

Video from Fort Myers, Florida also shows the extent to flooding some parts of the state are experiencing.

Other videos from Florida show good samaritans helping animals during the storm get to safety while flooding continues.

Some Floridians did not heed warnings and decided to walk into the storm in Fort Myers, Florida. 

Other online posters have said the water has risen so high that sharks are being seen in the streets of Fort Myers.

Another man is seen swimming in his home as the water made entrance into his residence. 

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