WATCH: Justin Trudeau heckled at the Calgary Stampede, called a “traitor”

During Justin Trudeau’s appearance at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, he was heckled by members of the crowd.

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Several videos posted online show the Canadian Prime Minister being heckled during his appearance at the famous Calgary Stampede in Alberta.

Things like “Trudeau, you’re a traitor!” and “You’re a traitor!” can be heard being said by someone in the crowd at the event.

During his appearance at the Alberta event, Trudeau said “this is a moment to gather and to celebrate being able to gather once again. Isn’t it great to see everyone in person?”

After Trudeau’s appearance, a Canadian media outlet initially characterized it as Trudeau being “mobbed by admirers”.

While there were multiple supporters in the crowd, there were also opponents to the Prime Minister. 

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