WATCH: Tokyo Olympics refuse to show Taiwan flag or play Taiwan’s anthem in fear of angering Communist China

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics refused to show the flag of Taiwan or to play the country’s national anthem as they do with nearly every other country.


Lee Yang 李洋 & Wang Chi-lin 王齊麟 won Taiwan’s first-ever gold medal in badminton. 

Upon the podium ceremony, the Olympics displayed the flags of the countries winning the bronze and silver medals, Malaysia and China.

But the Olympics refused to show Taiwan’s flag, displaying instead the “Chinese Taipei” flag, a made-up flag displayed to avoid angering China’s aggressive regime. 

The Olympics also refused to play Taiwan’s national anthem.

The original video of the ceremony was removed from Twitter “in response to a report by the copyright owner”.

Taiwan is a self-ruled democracy with 23 million inhabitants. The country has its own currency, borders and government. 

The Chinese Communist Party however still argues that Taiwan is a part of the “one China”, and the totalitarian regime has never given up its hopes of conquering the self-ruled democracy. 

Any allusions to Taiwan as being what it is, a self-ruled democracy independent of the CCP, is perceived to be an insult to Bejing. 

As such, international institutions such as the WHO, the UN and the Olympics have largely ignored Taiwan and failed to recognize its independent status. 

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