WATCH: World’s top podcaster calls Justin Trudeau a “disingenuous”, “creepy f****** dictator”

Joe Rogan, the world’s most listened podcaster, called Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau a “creepy f****** dictator”.

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The Joe Rogan Experience gets approximately 11 million listeners per episode, which makes it Spotify’s top podcast and a global cultural phenomenon. 

On Wednesday, May 11, the famous podcaster released episode #1816, a 3-hour and 11 minutes interview with Canadian author Gad Saad.

The two discussed a wide range of subjects which included Canada’s Freedom Convoy and prime minister Justin Trudeau. 

“People were friendlier, it seemed like a great system…” Rogan said about Canada’s socialized healthcare and social net. 

“But then, when you have a creepy f*cking dictator for a prime minister – that’s what he is. The way he behaves – the way he behaved during this thing – the disingenuous way that he communicated – it freaked me out, because I never thought that guy was like that,” Rogan added. 

Rogan explained how he was first tricked into believing Justin Trudeau was a “nice guy”.

“I thought he was a handsome fella with a good vocabulary and seems like a nice guy. Before he really leaned into the woke stuff, I thought he was a kind, sensitive guy, and I thought ‘that’s probably a good disposition to be a leader.”

Rogan then commented on Trudeau’s derogatory and divisive comments about freedom protestors, falsely labeling them a xenophobic fringe minority. 

“The way he did it – he just cast a pejorative label on them with no evidence, with no provocation. It was just like, ‘I’m going to label them this so that I can impose laws to stop them from doing what is essentially a peaceful protest.”

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