WE Charity paid Justin Trudeau’s brother $67,000 over a six-month period

WE Charity paid Alexandre Trudeau, the Prime Minister’s brother, more than $67,000 over a six-month period. The compensation scheme was justified as “talent fees” and expenses.


WE Charity said the $67,000 was included in the total sum paid by the organization to the Trudeau family which now stands at $481,751.

“In a statement Engagement Honorariums We Charity said Alexandre Trudeau over six months from September 2017 to February 18 was paid $45,000 in fees including commissions to his talent agent Speakers’ Spotlight of Toronto, as well as $230 in gifts and $22,025 in expenses – a total $67,255”, Blacklock’s reported on Thursday morning.

Alexandre Trudeau “wrote a pro-China propaganda book that was literally published by the Chinese dictatorship, called Barbarian Lost: Travels in the New China. As in, we westerners are Barbarians; China’s dictatorship is the civilized one”, Ezra Levant reported in June.

It is unclear why WE Charity would promote Alexandre Trudeau after he had seemingly given up all journalistic and artistic objectivity to promote the Chinese Communist Party’s lies, other than his prominent family.

More details will follow.

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